Edinburgh Castle

Scotland's most popular tourist destination

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Today the castle is the most popular attraction in Edinburgh and has more than a million visitors every year.

What's There Now?

The million-plus visitors to Edinburgh Castle can tour the castle and the surrounding areas. In the Castle, visitors can tour a number of rooms, including:

The Great Hall: Where national celebrations and coronations were held.
The Royal Palace: This uncomfortable, but secure palace was home to the royal family.
St. Margaret's Chapel: Margaret was born into England's Royal family and married Malcolm III of Scotland. 

Other rooms and exhibitions are also open to the public. Visitors can tour the:

National War Museum of Scotland, which holds items from over 400 years of Scottish military history.
Prisons of War Exhibition: Prisoners were held here and sometimes put to death. Prisoners of war and people charged with witchcraft were held here. 
One O'Clock Gun: On June 7, 1861 this gun was first fired as signal for ships. It has fired every day since except for during World Wars I and II. A "time ball" drops at the same time as the gun is fired.
Mons Meg: One of the oldest cannons in the world, this medieval gun could send a stone almost two miles.

Outside of the castle, there are many interesting activities some of which can be found at Edinburgh Guide, if you need transport try Edinburgh Taxi. In addition to the Royal Mile, which features a variety of political and historical buildings and sights, visitors can visit the Old Town Area and Grassmarkets.

Grassmarkets was where most of the horses and cattle were sold in Edinburgh between 1477 and 1911. Located directly southeast of the castle, this was also the site where public executions took place.

The Old Town Area, where Grassmarket is located, also hosts some of the tallest buildings in Edinburgh. There are pubs, clubs and retail shops located in the Old Town, including a pub named for a woman who, after hung in Grassmarkets woke up. Since Maggie had been declared legally dead, she was allowed to go free.

Edinburgh holds rare delights that can interest visitors from everywhere and history buffs who want to experience a step back in time.


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